Who’s behind the camera?

We’re Heather & Doug, based in beautiful Christchurch we specialize in wedding photography, family portraiture & and offer a wide variety of commercial concept photography…

A chance meeting in 2004 traveled us around the world, got us engaged in 2010 and were married in 2011.
We share a passion for photography and the joys & emotions of families…
and WE LOVE IT!!!

We absolutely LOVE colour, given, it’s more of an addiction to witnessing rainbows
and the reflections of others’ joys…

We’re both besotted with our young family.. our 3 boys keep us well occupied and give us many opportunities to capture our growing lives together. They bring a new inspiration to us every day, as seeing life through the eyes of a child is the best!

Traveling will always have our hearts, along with the experiences of this worlds diverse cultures…
Our last travels taking us to England to flex our wedding photography muscles, prior to that Italy captured our hearts with their colourful, kind & beautiful ways along with the grand scale of China to trek the Great Wall & witness the landscape of the Kung Fu Panda…
And we tell you one thing, we are soooo climbing Kilimanjaro one of these days! With our younglings in tow…

Heather’s a lover of adventures, quality time with her people and rainbows (the colours of this world in every form)!
Doug’s an avid fan of our little yellow mini, his film cameras, a Cointreau’d Negroni and any chance to get out on the tennis court..

And together we are toootally obsessed with capturing the world around us for pleasure and for our clients!

The Photography & Approach

Photography. It’s true love baby. We love what we do with every inch of our souls! We take life with a grain of salt. Life is fun, so we like to have a lot of it. And at the same time we handle our photography business professionally and proficiently. We like to open new friendships with our clients. Making an otherwise boring business transaction, pleasant and warming.

We have our visions and creativity and you have yours and together we want to help you achieve what you want out of your wedding day photography. Whatever that may be. We look forward to sharing ideas and visions. Because at the end of the day, it’s your memories and moments that we want to help capture perfectly.

Why we love what we do…

You see those photos right there??

Heather & Doug's Wedding
Heather & Doug's Wedding

Out of every single photo we received from our wedding day, these are the two photos in frames and on canvas.

They are the ABSOLUTE favourites. Every time I look at both of them they evoke an emotion in me that instantly transports me straight back to our wedding day. Suddenly when I’m standing there in my dressing gown with hair all disarray, I feel like I’m in that dress, completely oblivious to the cold of the day and feeling more beautiful than I have ever felt in my life.

And that’s our aim, for you.

We want to capture your day and have you treasure your photos not just today, not just tomorrow… but forever.