Rob & Siu Hing ~ Walthamstow, London

We’ve just come home from the other side of the world where we joined these two love birds on their special day! … Rob is my cousin, we hadn’t seen each other in 10 years, and I can’t tell you enough, how much of a privilege it was to be over there with our family to celebrate the marriage of Rob & his now wife, the beautiful Siu Hing.

These two came together over 5 years ago, it didn’t take long for them to hit it off… and what got things going even more… they were both after buying the same London apartment… … Siu Hing won!! Rob bought another one. And they ended up moving in together, into the one they both wanted in the first place. And No. Even after renovations, Rob never lived in the other apartment he owned.

And they’ve been inseparable ever since.

They’ve travelled to places far and wide as Asia, Africa and soon to a place called Georgia. NO.. No, no… I know what you’re thinking… How random to be going to Georgia in the States…  Why there? … Lots will know, lots will learn… This Georgia is underneath Russia! – I’ve learned something new, and I’m sure I’ll learn more upon their return!!

For their engagement we didn’t venture too far for a bit of London beauty, right from where they live in Walthamstow.
Fun fact and total excuse to bring this up…. do you know who lives in the Walthamstow region? Well I shall tell you! You see that sunset photo below?… when I was taking this photo… Mark Ruffalo (YES!!!! The Hulk, the hunk, the one and only Mark Ruffalo) walked behind me and infront of Doug and checked out our little shoot… (No we didn’t take a photo… we avoid being the pappo in “normal” situations!! lol) – but OH the excitement and glee… Mark, Mr Ruffalo, if you’re reading this! … It’s not creepy, but I kinda love you! Now I’m jut going to go ahead and put ‘Just Like Heaven’ on. (Um, yes.. a FAVE!!)

Okay, Okay… back to the beauty that is Siu Hing and Rob and the William Morris Gallery at sunset…

See for yourself, they’re kind of amazing… a little bit of a big deal! … You should just soak in all this beauty!
We have a woman who speaks more languages than fingers she owns (like seriously!!!) Chinese decent, grew up in the Netherlands and lives in England kinda is just the starting point. And a guy who can figure stuff out like a drop of a hat, who takes direction and can “see my picture” more than any other ‘client’ I’ve ever come across!! (blown away) …

They’re awesome and they’re family and we feel so blessed to have captured these moments for them!! <3 Loads of Love to you guys!! Can’t wait to share more with you!! Happy honeymooning for now! <3