On the Radar: Mitchelli’s

Italian-inspired ‘Mitchelli’s Deli & Café’ is the creation of The Mitchell family. Yip, you guessed it, they took a Scottish name like Mitchell and put an Italian twist in it, creating ‘Mitchelli’s’. Bello!
Sisters, Penny and Georgina Mitchell, along with Cris del Valle (Penny’s soon-to-be-husband) and their Mum & Dad, Liz & Ewan, took an empty garage space and created a cosy, welcoming and sunny environment to enjoy a coffee or more. All by themselves, they put in two stories and a skylight and opened their doors in early 2008.

A completely family-owned business. Penny and Georgina manage the business, Georgina is the chef and you’ll find Cris pumping out his brilliant Barista skills!
Cris and Penny met 12 years ago in a commercial graphics course. They’ve all got experience in hospitality, working in restaurants and cafés for years. In 2006 Cris, Penny and Georgina travelled Europe, meeting up with several others along the way.
They were looking for inspiration for a restaurant. They travelled through France, Greece, Spain, Italy and various other countries. Italy had the Heart & Soul they were searching for.
Cris said that every place was unique; no region was the same and brought a new and exciting essence to the country. The atmosphere and noise in Rome after they defeated Germany in the Soccer World Cup was like no other. The walk through the terraces in Cinque Terre and what’s more the ferry ride witnessing the cliffside villages in all their majestic glory, goes without words. And the unlimited supply of beautiful artwork in Florence is outstanding.

Aside from the homely service, warm brick interior, great coffee and delicious food, there is something else that makes this place even more family-orientated and special. Cris proposed to Penny on her birthday at this establishment and they will be getting married here on this year’s show weekend.  How perfect!

I wish you guys all the best for your Wedding. And for those who haven’t toddled on down to Mitchelli’s yet… what on earth are you waiting for?
Breakfast, Lunch or an afternoon coffee! A perfect weekend treat!

For more information and location visit Mitchelli’s website

Opening hours… now you have no excuse! ;-)

Try the Pecan Tart… Delish!

Pinocchio is an Italian fictional character carved from a piece of pine by a woodcarver named Geppetto in a small Italian village. A wooden puppet who dreamt of becoming a real boy. The name Pinocchio is Italian for “Pine Eye”

I went in on the weekend, the day of Poplar Lane’s Oktoberfest. Caught Penny in her German gear!

They have a folder containing the progress of the place. Quite a difference that’s for sure. This is what it looked like when they moved in.

Penny, Georgina and Cris. Thanks for having me guys, see you again soon!