Mel and Mat {Engaged}

They say you find love when you stop looking……
If you can find your best friend in this life and marry them… you may have well struck gold. But sometimes it takes a bit more than just waiting round for them to be placed in your lap. Sometimes you have to be proactive!
Mel and Mat signed themselves onto the dating site back in 2010/2011. And after a brief interaction with each other at the beginning of 2011 (that didn’t go too far at first) and a few “Are you okay’s?” over the earthquake period. Things properly picked up again later that year when they both saw they were still on the dating site and up for grabs.

With a lot of emailing between each other often beginning with a ‘Hiiii Mr Mat with one Teeeeee’ from Mel and commuting for dates from the very South of Christchurch to the very North of Christchurch for both of them… they finally moved in together and Mat with one T had an engagement on the cards…

Good things take time… and they found a best friend in each other.




One year to the day after their engagement, sets the day for their wedding. It was so awesome hearing about their engagement for the first time because I could imagine the weather conditions that they dealt with because we were in the same destination at the same time shooting a wedding.
Mat organised a very hush hush date, in a hush hush destination and Mel just had to go for the ride. The plan was to take a helicopter up to Mt Fyffe in Kaikoura, but the fog was so dense and so thick on that very grey Saturday that plans had to change. Mel suspected something was up and started to buzz… they flew over dolphins and whales and when Mat proposed to her on a hilltop that they could land on. Well March 15th became the best day of her life. (For now!!)

These two are not only gorgeous. They are funny, a little outrageous, playful and completely into each other.

They know how to be silly and poke fun at each other!

They are simply perfect for one another.


Coffee Culture held a lot of their first dates. They drank a lot of coffee together!


I absolutely LOVE when clients introduce me to new places. This particular place was Mel’s Uncles home, The Willows. A beautiful old stone looking house and property only built in 1989. It’s been featured in NZ Home and Garden and you might say I was in photo heaven. Mel and I said ‘We’ll just do a few shots there and head to the Quarry around the corner’. And when I got there and had a browse around, I knew I’d need just a biiiiiiiiit more time and a feeeew more shots than intended when I had the amazing indoor and outdoor choices this beautiful home offered. The cool thing is.. they are considering for a price, offering their property to wedding parties for their photos. Something to consider!


Fun and beautiful!


Hey Mat… you’re getting married! Did you know?

Halswell Quarry and this fine Saturday evening offered a lot of beautiful frolicking into each others arms. hehe



And of course on this fine Saturday afternoon… there was not a SINGLE person walking in the Quarry! Noone… nowhere to be seen!!! … So Mat had to shake his own tree… to produce the magic to follow… (It was rather hilarious)


I think today I exhausted my clients. For two people who loooove their photos. They were photo exhausted once I was done with them. hehe. But boy did we have fun. And boy did we laugh.
Mel and Mat, you guys are a hoot. You guys are totally beautiful. You guys are going to have the most amazing wedding full of so much laughter and joy. And I am so thrilled to be able to be there with you to capture it all…
See you in March! can’t wait! :)

Heather xox