General: Cocktail Creation Hour

Sharing just one car results in Doug either biking into work or me picking him up. Sometimes I wait a fair while, a couple of weeks ago I waited for 3 hours til 2am. I seem to always have something to do.

The Hotel has wireless so I take in my laptop to work. Sometimes I just sit there a devour a couple of “Apple Pie’s” my all time favourite cocktail. But this time I brought my camera!

Doug, his work mate Phil and his manager were creating and tasting new cocktails for the menu at What Bar within Hotel So, so I thought I’d take the liberty of getting in their way.

Here are the results.

Phil is awesome at making cocktails, if Doug's not at work... ask for Phil!

Proof that the cocktail makers do try the cocktails before serving them to the public.

From the cocktail maker "Tastes like sparkles".

Doug talking about the next cocktail with his manager.

A few sips taken, you won't be ripped off! :-)

A friendly face at the awesome What Bar in Christchurch's Hotel SO.