Personal: Good Times

Well… its been a very busy and hectic weekend full of fun!
Doug and I had an Engagement Celebrations in the form of us cooking an Indian meal (and an Italian dessert) for 23 people in our family from scratch I might add! And I have to tell you that Doug and I don’t do alot of cooking past toastie sandwiches! My marmite on toast is pretty epic as well!
So cooking 4 main dishes and dessert was really putting us in the deep end! But thanks to the help of some people and this wonderful recipe we aquired from Udaipur in India – it was a SUCCESS! Nobody that I know of got Delhi Belly! Yay!

With family visiting from the North Island and Sydney, housewarmings and engagements to celebrate its been a great weekend of tight kinships, red wine, cheese and the discovery for me of the most intensly fun game ever – Mafia!

Lots of Love