Portraits: Growing Up

I just thought I’d drop a line to say …

My gosh my nephews are growing up fast. I wasn’t even in high school when my first nephew, Michael was born. And now Troy the youngest is 6. They do Judo (good luck with your orange belt grading on Monday Michael), Swimming, Cubs, Scouts. They’ve done… Netball, T-Ball, Rugby, Art. Anthony although he doesn’t realize it right now, has an incredible artistic streak. Which I’d like to think comes from me, because it certainly doesn’t come from my sister. lol. Sorry Sis! Michael is ambitious and quick, I see him traveling the world like his Aunty! Anthony will be a down to earth artist with soul…biggest sweetheart! Samuel is sweet, yet cunning… he once had a bag of sweets, which he sold to his parents friends who traipsed in and out of their house for 50c a piece. What cost him nothing saw him with $12 pocket money – look out Donald Trump, future entrepreneur Samuel Schimanski is coming your way! And Troy… Troy Boy Troll, fearless without a doubt he has Evil Knievel in his blood.

Boys, this is your proud Aunty blogging you with heart and soul! I love you cute, cunning little buggers!