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Nicky and Andy {Engaged}

“One day on her merry trip to Ye Olde England, Little Miss Trotter got a call from her very good friends Mr and Mrs Swan.
“Little Miss Trotter! Would you like to join us on a walk around the hills of Derbyshire?” they asked, to which she quickly agreed.

This is the first page of their love story.
A trio set of Mr Men books was a very early gift that Andy gave to Nicky in their relationship. So when Nicky continued reading this personalised Mr Men book featuring Little Miss Trotter and Little Mr Swan… I can only imagine her heart skipped a beat or two at the romantic thought behind it… … but where was it headed was the question? …

Andy is a born and breed UK fellow. And Nicky is his down to earth and beautiful Kiwi girl. They met when Nicky was on exchange a couple of years ago. And with most stories of a couple from different lands, there almost always comes a time where they have to part. But what doesn’t kill you (and it was of course hard for them) .. only makes you stronger. And so without a doubt in his mind or a question in his heart, Andy wanted this girl in his life forever. So his little Mr Men book ended in the most important question he’ll ever ask in his life…

“Would Little Miss Trotter like to become Little Mrs?”

And so the story of true love continues…

And in January we get to capture more of this love story …



Nicky and Andy completely dote on each other.  And it makes my heart burst with happiness to see such a gorgeous and geniune love!






There’s a little something on your back there Andy…


Andy is self confessed proud of his Little Mr Swan and Little Miss Trotter creations! And so he should be! :)

They are completely goofy together… I love that MOST!



The magic doesn’t end here… it’s a life time of magic that will go on and on. I am just SO thrilled that we get to capture the next big chapter in their story! … SO can’t wait for January you two.
See you then,

Heather and Doug xox