Personal: Obsessed with RJ’s

Everyone who’s even slightly met me knows I love chocolate and that I live a certain way to incorporate chocolate into my life. But a new level has been reached… a level where I feel incomplete if a day goes by that I have not had the enjoyment and sensation of RJ’s Raspberry Chocolate Logs dancing on my tastebuds… alllllll the way down to the RJ’s party in my stomach!

What more can I say… This is love! :-)

(P.S. These shots are not endorsed by RJ’s, just taken by me as a fan!)

RJ's 1

My bundle of joy

RJ's 2

RJ's 3

I know this may seem disgusting... but it could be worse! :-)

RJ's 4

Not just carelessy tossed a side...but saved for after I've cleaned my teeth before getting into bed. Mmmmm