Personal: Running Tunes

I’m a little tired at the end of this week. Full Time Work, plus overtime. Late night Cooking Lessons with the wonderful Jamie Oliver. Trolling the Internet for ways to help me in my business. Coffee catch-ups and I never say no to running. I have a real problem with knowing when to sit down and relax. Sometimes I think I have to tie myself to a bed just to give my body and mind a rest.
This may just sound like moaning and not that much compared with some other lives (my sister for one… 4 growing boys, single mum, full time job and a buzzing social life…how does she do it?!). However, everyone’s different and I think it’s not just what I do physically, but what I endure mentally…A LOT of different thoughts are running through this brain!
But anyway…this was meant to be a short blog, so I will love you and leave you with what I came here for today.

I’ve conducted a list of 10 songs that I think will make for fantastic running tunes. Some are very random, but they get the blood pumping, warm feelings and energy flowing.

1. 1999- Prince
2. Purple Rain – Prince
3. Make Light- Passion Pitt
4. Let your Love Grow Tall- Passion Pitt
5. P.Y.T – Michael Jackson
6. Soundtracks & Comebacks- Goldfish
7. You Make My Dreams Come True- Darryl Hall & John Oates
8. Love Will Come Through – Travis
9. Human – The Killers
10. Get Off- The Dandy Warhols

Have a great weekend.
I’m going to see the final Shrek with my mum this weekend. Whatever YOU do… Enjoy!

Love H xxx