Photographic Highlights 2011

It has been a year like no other. It’s started with tragedy, ended with tragedy, but the content in-between has been nothing short of magical.

2011 has meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some it was just another year. Some it was the worst year of their life, some the best.

The world is not short of natural disasters (or maybe I’m more aware of them now having been apart of one). Christchurch fell down, Japan got swept away, Chile blew it’s lid and I pretty much went ostrich and buried my head in the sand.

Whether personal or news in this world, I think there is no denying that this has been one dramatic year. I loved it and lived it like no other.

This is the first year in a few years that Doug and I haven’t left the country. But what I lacked in overseas travels, I sure made up in km’s on our new car by racing round the south island every other weekend. And no, that’s not exaggerating. Both business and pleasure had me adventuring from one end of the south island to the other.

Starting off with a bang. A new friendship had Doug and I drive to the very bottom of the South Island for a wedding.
We attended the wedding of Kim and Liam (Kimberley Cheyne Photography). My heart grew in size that day. As if the day wasn’t special enough, we stumbled upon this sea of sunflowers.

Sunflower Field

On the way home we took my favourite self photo for the year. A great start to the year!

Sunflower Field

But then our worlds got tipped upside down.
Did this seriously happen? Our city used to be perfect. But she’s healing even with set backs.
But still… disbelief.

Earthquake Christchurch

The Sweet Affair shoot with Nicole was my first Flaunt that Dress shoot of the year that satisfied my sweet tooth.

Flaunt that Dress Leithfield

Have you ever Road Tripped with 2 Canadian’s? I recommend it. Already good friends, kicked up a notch. Jules, Jill and myself started our adventures on the road in The Catlins. I was about 1 week off getting married; Jill had just arrived fresh from Canada. And Jules had renewed her visa for a whole nother year in NZ! Woo! We had a lot to celebrate.

Road Trip Catlins South Island

I’m only just getting started on this adventurous year. But there was absolutely no doubt that mine and Doug’s wedding day in April seals the deal for the best day this year.
I love my people, my family, my friends. And having them altogether in one place just for us. My heart grew again massively that day.

{Photos by Jessica Jones Photography}

Wedding Day Jessica Jones Photography
I had two good views on my Honeymoon. This was one, but certainly not the best ;-)

Queens Charlotte Sounds

I finally did a marathon. Hardest.thing.EVER! But I was so happy with my time.

SBS Marathon Christchurch

Photography is not just photography to me. I like to create. There is always something to take photos of. Hence forth, my Inanimate Romance Series.

Inanimate Romance Series

2 weeks to organise a wedding. Rochelle & Rogerio brought energy and love all day long. Inspite of the bitter cold… No wonder, because…

Akaroa Wedding

…Then it snowed.

July Snow Christchurch

Snow = snowboarding = Queenstown = an adventure to see my 2 favourite Canadians.

Queenstown New Zealand

Hmmm, no snow. Just gorgeousness. Ok I can accept that and a cupcake too.

Queenstown New Zealand

Then I was home. And would you believe it. SNOW.

Snow August Christchurch

An unfortunate broken hand incident put me on ACC. Should I, could I, would I…back to Queenstown? OKAY! Hello again dear friend Walter Peak and The Remarkables.

Queenstown Lake Wakitipu
Fruit became the affair this time. And Jill showed me her striking beauty.

apple Queenstown Portraits
Queenstown Portraits

My first acquaintance with Arrowtown lead Jules and I to a luscious field of snow.

Snow Queenstown

There will be a couple of reappearance’s from last years highlights. Max is one of them. He’s grown up a bit and he’s cuter and more awesome than ever.

Family Portraits Tauranga

Same blue wall, but a 1 year old Luke and a whole cake later

Family Portraits Tauranga

I couldn’t wait to see how gorgeous Max’s friends are. I did a week of amazing photo shoots in Tauranga in August.
Malakai’s smile and Fire hat melt me like a popsicle.

Family Portraits Tauranga

I photographed Brooke as a bump 36 hrs before she was born. And now I meet her as a 9 month old. Isn’t she beautiful.

Family Portraits Tauranga

Remember that broken hand I ever so slightly glazed over a few photos ago?… well.. that was a blessing in disguise. That incident lead me to resign from full time work so I could take on my photography business full time.
My first day, the gorgeous Trent’s Vineyard, 25 stunning wedding gowns and 3 beautiful models, modelling gowns for Loretta Bridal Boutique.

Loretta Bridal Boutique

Monday the Loretta Bridal shoot, Thursday Sara, Flaunting her Dress in Little Hagley.
Year 2 of the bluebells and one year on…

Flaunt that Dress Sweet Affair

2011, the year of the obsession with chalk.

Flaunt that Dress Sweet Affair

Flaunt that Dress Sweet Affair

Queenstown. Again. A wee holiday to celebrate my new photo career. I went for a run and came back with an idea. This was the result : Feelin Groovy

Arrowtown Stop Motion

A difficult pregnancy holds on. Week 33, my future nephew is going strong. I was able to capture the beauty of spring in the park and the beauty in my sister Carol and her man Terry.

Maternity Little Hagley Bluebells

My passion for jumping was kicked up a notch…

2011 Jumps

I even introduced it into my engagement shoots.

Tekapo Engagfement

Flaunt that Dress Stop Motion

An impromptu Flaunt that Dress shoot in a yellow field with Kim. Hmmm. No yellow fields where we thought. But a sweet stop motion was made instead.

Flaunt that Dress Stop Motion

Another idea took a few attempts to nail.

5 Nephews portraits

I now have a teenage nephew. There’s a stop motion about that too. (Notice another obsession?)

5 Nephews portraits

A trip up north to Blenheim this time took place to visit our friends Jess & Paul Jones. And we did Lighting techniques 101.

Mahi Winery Blenheim

Jess took this sweet image to add to my collection

Mahi Winery Blenheim

I photographed this little guy. He made me smile.

Blenheim Family Shoot

Just because I no longer work with this dancing lady right here, doesn’t mean I can’t photograph her. Mama Evelyn  showed me what she’s got!

Woodend Beach Portraits

Woodend Beach Portraits

November was suuuuuch an eventful and amazing month. As were April and July. Hey look! Yellow fields!

Yellow field Fairlie

My gorgeous husband Doug turned 26 this year. I don’t seem to know how to buy a gift. So I made him a stop motion (last one I promise) of our life together so far.

Subway Restuarant

Hey look, it’s Kim again! Fancy that. Our actual Flaunt that Dress shoot in Arrowtown.

Flaunt that Dress Arrowtown

She made me feel beautiful!

Flaunt that Dress Arrowtown

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party has been done time and time again. But not the way Kim and I roll. A cinematic shoot took place with 3 stages as a result. Posters, The Trailer and come mid 2012. A children’s photographic story book.

Mad Hatter Cinematic Photoshoot Arrowtown

I think we almost peed our pants with laughter that day.

Mad Hatter Cinematic Photoshoot Arrowtown

A trip to Queenstown means I have to come home at some point. At least the drive is beautiful.

Lake Tekapo Lupins

A childhood friendship came back into my life and now I get to shoot his wedding in January.

Leithfield Engagement Shoot

I’m also stoked to have Shaun and Claire as the face of something new for Heather Ellis Photography in 2012.

Leithfield Engagement Shoot

If I’m going to turn a quarter of a century, then a rainbow cake is in order.

Rainbow Cake

Wish for something on Facebook, it WILL come true. My new nephew Alex was born and a day later I met him on my birthday.

Birthday Baby Rainbow

Isn’t he beautiful?

Newborn Baby

His Dad loves him SO much.

Newborn Baby

Forget me nots sunlight

Zander will remain in our hearts forever.

Baby Memory

Doug creates rainbows for me.

Rainbow Creation

I captured the colourful love of my two great friends.

Cashel Mall Colourful Walls

Anytime Portraits

I went on a hunt for the colours of the rainbow.

colourful sun glasses

I met so many beautiful couples this year…

Maternity Photo shoot

…Lianne & Sam were amongst them.

Maternity Photo shoot Leithfield

My Wedding season leaped into action…

Gemma and Peter's Wedding Pines Beach

…With an old school friend, Gemma and Peter tying the knot 2 days before Christmas.

Gemma and Peters Wedding

2 proud parents and a chubby nephew later…

Family Photo

…It’s Christmas and the year is rapidly coming to a close.

Merry Christmas Card 2011

So from Doug, myself and our gorgeous chubby nephew Alex. We want to wish you a successful, happy and content entry to 2012.

Heather and Doug Christmas Day

Don’t be sad that 2011 is ending, be glad that it happened.
2012 is going to be another blitzer of a year for different reasons and I can’t wait to see what it holds.

To you my friends, my family and my valued clients. I thank you for your support and encouragement throughout this crazy and colourful year.
I wish you all the success, happiness and love that life can bring for the year to come.


Heather Self Portrait