Stories: Smiles, Butterflies & Lessons

I caught myself smiling today…
Smiling one of those little smiles where everything feels good in the moment, everything feels content and I felt happy.
2009 according to the zodiac was the year of change. I’m inclined to agree with it as I witnessed a lot of substantial change with family, friends and of course myself. If someone did not have much change happen with them, they certainly aided in change.
2009 wasn’t a bad year, far from in fact. But for me it was definitely a weird year.
Doug and I were forced home from our travels a couple of years earlier than expected after a working visa didn’t come through for Germany. Although we cried, some tears of which I think were merely out of pride because we had set plans! I discovered there’s no place like home, it wasn’t the end of our travels and I was actually happy to be back.
A lot of lessons have been learnt in the 6 months since our return. I learnt that however motivated and organized one can be… plans don’t always work out.
Our last trip was big; we had worked a solid 18 months, 45+ hours a week and for Doug even more. We had our trip booked 18 months prior to departure; I had pre-packed my bag 3 times.
This time it’s less time away, less time to save, and it took 5 minutes to make the decision to book.
India and Nepal is our destination of choice from February 22nd until May 3rd. We booked the trip just one month after we came home. And although we were aiming to travel there in mid 2010, a little research told us that mid summer with temperatures hitting 50 degrees Celsius, it’s monsoon season and the fact no tours operate at this time, that it just wasn’t going to happen. We did a quick calculation, it would be tight… but Doug and I just looked at each other… with the look of “try and stop us from going!”
Just as good as the idea of going to the airport and booking a seat on the next flight out of the international section I reckon.
Planning is a big part of what makes me-me, and after our quick decision making skills about India and a string of other events I’m happy to reveal that ‘Living in the Moment’ is taking a nice comfortable seat at organizations side and IT FEELS GREAT!
I no longer KNOW what I want, but give way for life’s opportunities. I have a strong idea of what I’m doing and where I’d like to be going, but I can safely say at this point that I have no idea what I’ll be doing this time next year. If I’m half as happy with the love of my life, family, friends, a progressing business and the talk of more travels, a good cup of coffee and chocolate each day not to mention the people to share it with. Then I’m sure I’ll have this same little smile on my face and these feel good butterflies in my chest.

HAPPY 2010 – May it be one of a kind for you!

P.S Had 2009 not bought my change, then I would not be here online blogging to you, I would not have taken the next step with my passion for photography and I would not be on this exciting path which will have me meet and photograph some incredible people! So thank you 2009 and to everyone who helped!