A letter to my love

Blogs a very personal ways of communicating. Although this is my business, I’ve shared a lot of the process of my travels, engagement and now marriage.

A mere 2 sleeps away from marrying the one I love… I have a wee letter for him.


You are my rock.
You are Geniune. Supportive. Loving. Caring and Funny.
You know how to make me smile. You know how to make me laugh.
You hold my hand in frustrating times. And laugh at me when I’m a goon (which is always).
My awesome singing and dance moves has you in stitches.
And inspite of that you look at me like everyday is the first day we met.
You love my strengths… but somehow love my flaws even more.
We balance each other. Harmonise each other. Support each other.
I’ve found in you a life partner and my very best friend, that no one can ever top.

I will love you today.
Support you tomorrow.
Mine forever more, I will need you…
Even when I’m 64.




Photo by Kimberley Cheyne Photography