Look Who Has A Coffee Mug Fetish

I thought to do this blog post in light of a very awesome gift I was given yesterday!
Below you will see what looks like a lens. Well maybe it is… maybe it isn’t?! It’s a neat little trick of the eye.
My friends know me all too well (which I think is a good thing) and Mark gave me this and said “this is a way to mix your two passions”. I opened the wrapping paper to reveal a lens… which is actually a TRAVEL COFFEE MUG! {capital letters= excitement}. I think my heart hit the roof with excitement and my mouth dropped to the ground just thinking about how extremely cool this is!
So I decided to humour this little fetish I have and fish out my favourite coffee mugs. This doesn’t even touch on half of what I own and they are alllll different!

I am gifted coffee mugs all the time, and I feel sorry for Doug in the amount of mugs I carted home from our travels. I have mugs from Mexico, New York and London (I was stopped in buying a heck of lot more). I can barely walk into Starbucks without itching to buy a new mug. I actually think that’s the only reason I go there as I’m not too much a fan of the coffee.

To wrap up my babbling, I’m just going to say. Mugs are cooooool! Yip.. that’s all! Plain simple coolness :-)

coffee mugs of all shapes and sizes

Lens coffee mug

Thanks Mark, I think you’ve just made every photographer in the country jealous!

M and M mug red

I have the yellow M&M mug as well. And it doesn’t even need to be for hot drinks… it’s the perfect breakfast bowl!

Starbucks mug leaves

merry christmas mug red

Merry Christmas toooo me. I wrapped this baby up and popped it under the tree for myself this past Christmas. What a delight to unwrap that Christmas morning. hehe

Keep calm and carry on

Ha! Thanks to a very special friend, “Keep calm and carry on” she reckons is perfect statement for me. What are you saying Maja?

Kitten on mug green

Mind the gap london tube mug

Anyone lost in London? You come to me! I have the directions! :-)

square coffee mug

tiny coffee mug

This tiny tot here came in a Christmas cracker! DIBS!

Travel coffee mugs

A travel mug for every occasion. The far right can be self decorated and changed at anytime. I’ve chosen my sunflower fields for now. The white one keeps my coffee hot for TWO HOURS! Oh how I love piping hot coffee straight from the kettle all day long! (And I’m not lying).

Coffe mug fetish

Coffe mug fetish

Ah mugs, you can never have too many mugs!
Happy weekend all!