Personal: Alluringly Rustic

Do you know how sometimes, you see something or someone and suddenly that makes your apparently grey day completely bright?! A ray of sunshine in a cloudy day…

Well first of all I was having coffee with one of my close friends… so there’s always sunshine there! I was eating a muffin… one of my most favourite foods and drinking a coffee… completely my most favourite beverage! But I’d been called into work for both days on my weekend off… so theres my grey cloud!
And there… sitting in on our coffee catch up was the most beautiful alluring mode of transport. A Vespar… a Vespar with chhaaarrrraaaaccccttttteeeerrrrr! My rainbow in the sky!

Now if you wanted me to tell you what kind… you’re out of luck! I’m the ‘what colour is it?’ kind of vehicle enthusiast!
All I can say is, this Vespar is old, its retro, it has clocked a few kilometers for a scooter. It has charm and it most certainly has an interesting story to tell.

Whomever owns this captivating ride is one lucky son of a gun!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week. Its good to see the sunshining again!