Personal: Mmmm Rust!

I do love how rustic Christchurch is. By turning down a not so scary alley you will find all sorts of fun-ness to photograph. It just has soooo much character.  I love love love just wondering off by myself with my macro and capturing the the dirty, grotty, grungy, rusty, manginess that deserted buildings, alleys or streets have to offer. So this was me.. wondering around last week and this week I got to edit them on my brand new shiny 27″ Desktop Mac in my brand new office. With a red couch! I’m very excited about my red couch! lol

The daffodils are out, the blossoms are blossoming, SPRING is a knocking! B-E-A-utifulllllll!!!!

This was me experimenting with the new Lightroom 3.