A slice of Brazil in Italy {Family}

Meet one seriously wonderful family. A family that let 2 strangers from New Zealand into their home for a night on their last leg of their Italian trip. They don’t speak English, and we don’t speak either Italian nor their natural language, Portuguese. But language was no barrier in making 3 news friends and having some hilaaaarious laughs!

Renata and Robinson were both born and raised in Brazil… Robinson moved to Italy, and within days and weeks of Renata starting some travels (beginning in Italy)… she met Robinson. And Love happened!
The travels will come again at some point, but for now they reside in Milan with their awesome 6 year old son Victor, and another bun in the oven, arriving in the New Year! So so so exciting!! :)

I have to put a big ‘Yo yo Thank yooou!’ out there to technology of today… because if we didn’t have automatic translators on our phones, we probably all would have been in bed by 9pm out of frustration of not being able to hold a conversation. But instead, we DID have these translators… and we couldn’t stop laughing out of the sheer stupidy of some of the translations. It was certainly a wonderful day to remember!
So of course I had to capture the fun-loving nature of this gorgeous family… so off down to the park we went, without Wifi for our translators… and had some fantastic miming fun! I’ve found that waving ones arms like a monkey, and big gestures of all kinds to help directions… work quite well and make people laugh even more!! Who needs words!! Pffft! hehe.

Italy Family PhotosVictor is a little gem. He’s mad into Soccer and is a chip off his Daddy’s block! His sense of humour is awesome! And I didn’t even know what he was talking about half the time!! lol It was all in his cheeky expressions and constant laughter!!

Italy Family Photos

Italy Family Photos
Italy Family PhotosSuch a wee stud! :)

Italy Family Photos

Italy Family PhotosSo beautiful!

Italy Family PhotosThese 3 are even more special to us because they are the family of our close friends here in NZ. Renata hasn’t seen her brother Rogerio in about 9 years. Rogerio moved to New Zealand from Brazil almost a decade ago and met his beautiful wife here in NZ. Renata moved to Italy and met Robbie and that is where both of them have remained. It was beyond special being a connecting cable between two families, two families who still need to meet. The day this happens, there will be a few rainbows in the sky out of sheer happiness! I can’t wait for that day!! :)

Italy Family PhotosFamily goodness!! Total adoration!

Italy Family Photos
Italy Family Shoot

Italy Family Photos
Renata is a real sweetie. She’s honest and good hearted to the core. She thought it was absolutely hilarious that I wanted to do these shots with them… she took it in her own hands to make sure there were a couple of funny slap photos in there too! (Robbie didn’t have a choice lol) This girl likes to have fun! And FUN she is! … Soon after we got home, she changed into some more comfortable clothes and exclaimed proudly ‘The reaaal Renata!’. She is beautiful no matter what she wears!!

Italy Family PhotosMy absolute fave! :) So divine!

Italy Family Photos

Italy Family Photos

Italy Family PhotosThank you so much Renata, Robbie and Victor for having us two crazy kiwis stay with you! It was the BEST last night in Italy (*ahem*-slash-Brazil) that we could have ever asked for! And we so hope to see you in New Zealand some day in the not too distant future!!

Loads of Love to you guys,
Heather & Doug xoxo