Personal: Barnett Park

Just 3 weeks until we embark on what I can only imagine to be the most exhausting yet majestic trip of our lives (trekking to base camp of the world highest mountain, Mount Everest). We’ve bought some very awesome boots that we have to “wear in”. I reckon its going to hurt anyway, our feet will be begging to be soaked in warm water and blisters will take residence on our feet in places I can’t even see. However, we are doing our bit, having as many walks as possible in our hard core boots to soften the blow for our feet. Plus a bit of extra exercise! Bonus!

Doug had never been to Barnett Park in Redcliffs. Its this lovely walkway right by the sea that leads you into the cliff side and up to a little cave that looks onto the ocean and over Southshore.

Currently we are without Passports for our trip that is less than 3 weeks away. In the process to obtaining visas for India and Nepal, a certain courier company lost our passports. They didn’t scan the package in, therefore have no record and take no responsibility whatsoever.
Last week it was a mad rush to fill out new visa forms, passport forms, have someone witness them, report our passports missing to the police and get it back to House of Travel within a day. Speaking of… House of Travel, Ferrymead have been absolutely amazing! They have taken care of us and I’m so grateful for that. If sh*ts going to hit the fan, I’d rather it happen this side of the trip. But I can’t help but feel sad that we have lost all our stamps from our last trip.

20 Days to go!