Personal: Base Camp of Everest Please!

I’m the type of person that always has to be doing something. I’ve always got a pen in my hand to write down new ideas and I use my iPOD more for photo inspiration than music.

I don’t know where some of my ideas come from but it felt like a good idea at the time to do a ‘bit’ with Doug. I had an idea similar to this awhile ago mixing Doug’s personality into one look. One picture will tell you 20 things about him – Him in a suit wearing jandels, with a cocktail in his hand, a tape measure round his neck and a travel bag at his feet. The idea being that you’d understand he’s a smart yet casual guy who bartends for money to travel and knows his way around a sewing machine..but anyway so when I went for my run the other day, I was scoping out the landscape and it hit me that I should intergrate my past idea with our current travel plans and put him right here on the side of the road where I run by pretty much everyday. So I conversed with Doug about mixing his clean cut fashion sense with his casual travellers look and off we went with Doug in his suit, a pair of jandels and what we’ve dubbed “Hobo shoes”, with his travel backpack a pair of aviators and a sign that reads “Base Camp, Everest, Nepal”.

A couple of cars actually pulled over perhaps thinking Doug needed a lift until they read the sign properly.Hahaha always a good laugh if nothing else!

I watched the Intrepid Journey that Anton Oliver took to Nepal a few years ago on DVD last night. I was so excited to see they played a game that I know as ‘Choncho’ that Doug and I learnt when we stayed with a Peruvian family for a month last year. Its a card game, say 6 people are playing, 5 small objects like batteries or tea spoons or dice are placed in the center of the table. 4 cards are dealt to each person. Theres a dealer who looks at a card from the pile and passes it on continuesly with the aim of getting 4 of the same cards in your hand. Once someone has 4 cards and grabs an object, others follow and the one left without an object DRINKS! Once you understand it, its fast paced, somewhat lethal, has the potential to send you to a silly place and is just soooooooooo much fun!