Portraits: Berenice & Kirtus

Meet this wicked cool Mother-Son duo. Hard to believe that the gorgeous Berenice is a mother right? but yip, she is and Kirtus is flying into his teens already. I heard Berenice was a touch nervous about having this images done… could have fooled me!!! She worked it wonderfully and had some great ideas, and so did Kirtus the stud. Watch out girls, here comes Kirtus Bailey!

I think my favourite part was when Berenice made Kirtus laugh when she said “Just pretend your with your girlfriend”… he played on that by putting his arm around an invisible person…and then again, however making him scrunch up his face by saying “Smile-Just pretend I’M Cass(his girlfriend)” Oh Berenice… that was pretty funny…for us. Not sure Kirtus found that one too amusing though!

I had a great time guys and I’m so glad we got it in before that nasty southerly came through only a couple of hours later!

What a great way to start, with Berenice looking at her son so proudly.Peek-a-Boo!This reminds me 100% of my impression of Mother Nature. Fantastic!How smooth is he? 13 Years old, but I reckon he looks more like a 17 year old. Gorgeous barely describes Berenice here. WOW!