Engaged: Kim & Liam Part 1

I think half the the reason why I love photographing people is, I’m an observer. Ok given sometimes I get caught up in my own world and the busy-ness that I create for myself sweeps me off my feet. But, I love to people watch. I love to see couples I’ve never met and wonder what their story is. How did they meet? What was the attraction to one another? And I watch to see how they interact with one another from a distance…couples show their true colours especially when they think they aren’t being watched.

I can guarantee if I saw Kim & Liam across a mall, not knowing who they were..they would display all the characteristics of a couple who are meant to be with one another! I don’t think I have to put into words their love for one another…just view the photos…they tell the story of true passion, friendship and love!

Kim and I are both Wedding Photographers in our first year of business. Kim is based in Dunedin and  I, Christchurch. Kim is engaged to be married to the man of her dreams in January 2011, and I, April. Kim shoots with Nikon, I shoot with Canon. She has brown hair, I have blonde. lol. Ok so we do have our differences.
Just by pure chance did the photography fairies drop this amazing, fun and super talented photographer in front of me. We became friends instantly.

So we decided this weekend just been to meet between our two homes in Timaru and do an engagement shoot swap. I had no idea how it was going to work, we were both quite nervous shooting a fellow photographer… the question was “who would go first?” we actually flipped a coin. After the first couple of shoots, we were well in our element, completely comfortable with each other and were fighting to be behind the camera! It was A LOT of fun! And even the boys got in on the action behind the lens too!

So I introduce to you our new friends, Kimberley Cheyne and Liam Hutton of Kimberley Cheyne Photography.

Kim & Liam met a couple of years ago in Dunedin whilst on staff together at a University residential college. I reckon Kim took one look at Liam’s gorgeous head of hair and said “Yip, thats my man…we will have babies with luscious heads of hair!”



In Liam’s every look and action you can see that he knows hes the luckiest guy in the world!

Charlie’s Angels meets Bond, James Bond. Dynamite couple is business and in love.
Thanks for a fantastic day guys.

Part 2 coming soon.

Lots of Love,

Heather & Doug