Woodend Beach Engagement shoot

Jess & Yuri {Engaged}

How do I begin? ….
Do I begin with how incredible the blue in that sky is. Do I begin with how puffy and fluffy the glorious clouds are. Do I begin with the beautiful sunlight coming through to light up the beautiful couple or do I just stop getting all ‘artist’ on you and begin with how flipping gorgeous the couple right there really are! .. How much fun they are… How incredibly into each other they are… And how completely perfect for one another they truly are! … Yeah, lets start with that!

Jess and Yuri met 7 years ago. Jess had picked up a new job as a courier driver and one of her stops was Yuri’s work place at the time. … As soon as Jess left, Yuri was so quick to jump on the phone to find out who that beautiful and mysterious courier driver was. He haaaad to get her number.
At 10.30am on the 4th of December, he asked her out.
3 years down the track at the same time, on the same date with only each others company and a view of St Walters Peak and Lake Wakitipu … Yuri asked Jess to marry him.
Boy did they want to carry the time and date tradition… but A. a girl needs her time in the morning to become more beautiful than ever on her wedding day. And B. the next Friday/ Saturday to roll around on the 4th isn’t for another 2-3 years, which they simply weren’t waiting for. Marrying each other sooner rather than later is far more important! ….

Woodend Beach Engagement Shoot Canterbury

Woodend Beach Engagement Shoot Canterbury
It didn’t take me long to witness how easy these guys were in front of the camera. My camera liked them A LOT. It just wanted to keep clicking and didn’t want to stop. (It’s alright, I reined my camera in!! )

Woodend Beach Engagement Shoot Canterbury

Woodend Beach Engagement Shoot Canterbury

Woodend Beach Engagement Shoot Canterbury

Woodend Beach Engagement Shoot Canterbury
Seriously!! .. I can’t direct stuff like this!! … So natural… and Jess.. there’s no doubting.. you are a true beauty!!

The world got smaller when Jess revealed to me just days before our shoot that we actually went through most of school together. The penny dropped and it made me soooo delighted to know that we are capturing the wedding of the awesome athlete I competed against back in the primary school days! Talk about a whirl wind memory back to days I haven’t thought about in YEARS!


Woodend Beach Engagement Shoot Canterbury

There is NO denying how much fun loving energy these two have! I often make people run and jump and twirl and all sorts… but these guys had me keeping up with my own game!! hehe

Woodend Beach Engagement Shoot Canterbury
This is totally my ‘HOORAY IT’S THE WEEKEND’ shot! .. It was a Friday after all!



Oh and this is Molly! … She wanted a bit of face time too!


 *Gasp * Gasp * Trying to catch my breath* Gasp *



Then the water balloons came out to play. Du du duhhhhh…


And there was NO mercy!


Jess and Yuri… We are SO excited for your December wedding… We had the MOST fun running around in the beautiful beach air! … You take life by the reins and seize every moment. It was a pleasure just being in your company!

See you in December! :)
Heather and Doug xox