Portraits: Ella & Mitch

When Doug and I have children, I hope they are half as cool, creative and fun as this brother and sister combo!

Princess Ella, Jungle Boy Mitch, their Mum Rochelle, Doug and myself had a blast running around the Botanical Gardens the other morning. It was early, it was a Saturday and not many people were about yet. The park was at our mercy! And we used it to our advantage!

Ella & Mitch are such happy kids. With such creative and open imaginations. Ella was shooting suggestions at me left, right and center. No worries! She was damsel in distress, sleeping beauty.. complete drama queen AND I LOVED IT!
Mitch was running at the speed of light…and it was my mission to keep up with him. I called him jungle boy. He seemed to like it. He even found a vine that he was swing off, so that was quite fitting!

Ella & Mitch, you gave me a wonderful start to what was a fantastic weekend and you completely made my Saturday! You will only get more beautiful!

Be cool, stay in school!