Portraits: Immy & Family

Sometimes I am lost for words, because I am too wrapped up in awe.

I (and excuse my language right now) sh*t you not… when Doug and I met Flick (Felicity) at the Botanical Gardens on Sunday and we met her daughter Immy (Imogen) for the first time. Doug and I simultaneously gasped, an involuntary reaction I might add.

Immy was just soooooo beautiful that we couldn’t control ourselves lol. Somewhat like a perfect little doll (but not creepy! lol)

Immy is so lucky to have a mother, a grandmother and a great-grandmother…forming 4 generations of girls. Not a lot of people have that these days. So when it is around.. we must photograph it! Bringing us to the underlining reason for this shoot. Andddd with a whole bunch of other stuff thrown in.

I love to see how Dad’s interact with their kids. Dan is such a good Dad, I could tell just from an hour of observation. Flick & Dan just make the cutest couple.. hence why Immy is just to die for!

Flick told me via email that Immy doesn’t smile much… well… I beg to differ Flick. With the help of bubbles and eating flowers, just look at that big cheesy, gummy smile that Doug captured so beautifully in the first few images! Defiantly sparked a light in my heart!

Thank you Flick, Dan and the rest of your awesome family for such a fun afternoon! We had a blast!