Portraits: Luke & Katrina

Love is shown in many forms and ways. Some say it with words. Some show it with a passionate kiss. Some might simply stroke ones hand. Some may only want to hold the others pinky finger on an excursion to the supermarket.

Katrina didn’t give Luke too many details about this photo shoot. So he wasn’t overly prepared. Most do get quite nervous about having their photo taken and need that time to prep. So through this, I discovered that Luke isn’t much into public displays of affection. I went on to discover that one doesn’t need to show too much affection to really love someone! I am the bounty hunter of tracking down true connections, emotions and empathy (well I try anyway)… my only reward is the satisfaction of being in the presence of a happy life long commitment! And I am soooooo happy to report that my friend Trina is in good hands.

And in me saying all this… can you even tell Luke is shy to PDA? Beautiful!

You are guys are really awesome together and it was such a treat to bump in to you both after the shoot at the supermarket.. holding pinky fingers!