Portraits: Meet Rex & Raewyn

Most people are uncomfortable in front of a lens. I think that goes for almost anyone. I think one reason I really love working with couples is, you can put them together and they have each other to focus on. They relax, they engross in one another and more or less forget that you have taken several hundred frames. But most of all being a photographer who shoots couples and does it with passion (that sounds rather sadistic)… you tend to get a rather powerful feeling who has thee ‘true love’.

The perfect example is Raewyn and Rex.

I’ve known these two, I guess since I was yay high to a duck, I’ve been friends with Raewyn’s daughter Jaime since we were 6. But they have always been ‘Jaime’s folks’ to me. Having the chance to photograph them together, I had a glimpse into how deep their 30 years together goes. Pretty deep!
I don’t think anybody really notices (sometimes) when I do because I’m a mad hatter shooting shooting shooting. But when I feel ‘it’, I’ll take a second just to look at them above the view finder and appreciate a truly beautiful relationship!

Thanks guys, it was a short session, but most certainly sweet! Love love loved it!