Portraits: Olivia & Callum: Young Love

Meet Olivia and Callum. Young Love. At 19, Callum and Olivia have been digging each other for a year! Happy Anniversary guys! Not shy of affection for one another, I barely had to mutter a word of direction!

We went to the area of shipping containers here in Christchurch, which gave a nice rustic feel. Then I was all too kind in making them trek through the deep dark jungle of the inner city swamps. No, it wasn’t that bad. The location made for beautiful surroundings!

Thanks for going intrepid with me guys into the damp, muddy “jungle” of Christchurch wetlands. Good times!

I know you are on your way back up to Taranaki as I type, I hope the trip is going fantastically with lots of car games, naps and eardrum bursting loud music. :-)

Love Heather