Portraits: Roslen Langton

On Thursday I got together with a shining star that is Roz. Roz, I’ve complimented you in person, via txt, on Facebook and it will never be enough after doing so through blog!
I’ve known Roz a few years, but haven’t seen her in a couple. She was a bridesmaid at Doug’s cousin, Lauren’s Wedding in November 2008 which we were unfortunately not around for.
Roz is a ray of light in a cloudy day with the voice of an angel. And OH MY GOSH she has a truly infectious smile and personality!
Roz was soooooooo much fun to photograph! I barely said BOO and she cracked up laughing, it was awesome! We went to the Arts Center in Christchurch and down the alley ways at the back of SOL Square.
In an hour and a half I reckon I snapped about 450 images. And I had a HARD time filtering them down to 270. ALOT I know… but it was hard! Roz just looked amazing in each and every one of them. I’m still not in the know about how many images I’m “meant” to show as a choice… but it varies.

You can see Roz singing at Fat Eddies and Le Plonk, Thursday nights. She also sing supports with bands such as La Mitchell, Mark Vanilau, Departure Re Lounge, The Batmen, A Hori Buzz, Og Trio at Bar and The Dux. She’s also recorded an album with The Cairo Knife Fight which is in stores now.

Thanks for a fantastic photoshoot Roz, I wish you well with your singing and your acting. Until next time!