The William’s Family Portraits

Photos are a powerful source of memory. They are the things to hold dear to your heart when perhaps your memory fades a bit. Or a loved one is not near. Or a loved one may not be near ever again.

We are in the age where photographers are endless, cameras are plentiful and digital prints cost cents, not dollars.

Noelle understands this perfectly. It has nothing to do with the fact she’s a photographer. It’s got to do with the fact she moved across the world from LA in the States to little ol shakey Christchurch to be with her kiwi fella Tim. And her parents are only here for a couple of weeks.
I had posted one photo on Facebook for a taste and Noelle emailed me proclaiming her happiness, knowing she won’t see her parents again for quite a while after they leave she said “I couldn’t be happier even if all that was good on the roll was that one photo”.
Now that is appreciation for paper memory. And that is exactly why I love what I do!

So meet this wonderful family… Ron, Tim, Noelle, Kathy and Lucy the gorgeous spoodle (spoodle..spoogle?) either way… I want one!

We intended on having a beach shoot, but the strong winds didn’t cooperate, so I thought the layout and colours of Halswell Qaurry would suit Noelle’s style down to the T.

William's family halswell quarry

I enjoyed seeing how in love Ron and Kathy are. It’s not the awkward kind, or the mushy, overbearing love. It’s sweet, gentle – hand holding and just looking sweetly into one another’s eyes- love. Even when the camera isn’t pointed at them (especially when the camera is not pointed at them. I think that’s the best kind of love!

Noelles parents portraits

Williams Family Portraits

Williams Family Portraits

williams family portraits

Don’t you love how Lucy’s ears are high on life… she sped towards me with great speed!

Noelle and her Dad, halswell quarry

Noelle and her mum, halswell quarry

Williams family portraits

Noelle and tim portraits

ron and kathy williams portraits

I was shooting Tim and Noelle and turned my attention to the sweet affection going on over here. There’s purity and sincerity surrounding Ron and Kathy.

williams family portraits

Noelle warned me in an email that her Dad has a tendency to make funny faces for the camera. I think he was on his best behaviour, but he couldn’t go the entire shoot without showing me what she meant!

williams family portraits

williams family portraits

williams family portraits

We were about the wrap up the shoot when I saw this gorgeous grassy area with the sunset smiling all over it.

williams family portraits

Thank you Noelle, Tim, Ron and Kathy and Lucy for a wonderful evening. It was such a pleasure and I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here in our beautiful country!

Heather x