Mad Hatter Tea Party Book

Unbirthday Madness – The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

It all started with a tea party! …

Mad Hatter Tea Party

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party… it’s one of those crazy, quirky and out right silly scenes that has happily been recreated time and time again in the land of cinema and photography.

There is nothing more fantastic than teaming up with another photographer and amazing friend to share a journey of ideas, creative flare and cross your legs to prevent from wetting yourself laughter (Omi GOSSSSHHHH do we love what we do!!!).
No it doesn’t feature Johnny Depp. No it doesn’t have a bazillion dollars going into the making. It’s a humble project with props made by our amazing husbands. Friends who were willing to act the part. And a little green location in the small town of Arrowtown in our young humble NZ.
A 17 month project from start to finish developed into a storybook of epic expression, enthusiasm and colour that
Kim of Kimberley Cheyne Photography and I are incredibly proud of!

Mad Hatter Tea Party Book

So… although I would TOTALLY LOVE to sit there and read it to you ever so enthusiastically (I have subjected that on many people, I may as well have tucked them up in bed afterwards…) here is the next best thing….
CLICK CLICK CLICK on the image below to enlarge our book ‘Unbirthday Madness’ and enjooooooy the read.

So Kim… what’s the next big project?! ;-)

{The book can be shared but not sold, all written content was obtained from the Disney Movie, Alice in Wonderland}