Weddings: Bernadette ‘Flaunts that Dress’

‘Flaunt that Dress’… known to most as ‘Trash the Dress’. I’ve renamed it for myself as I’d much rather Flaunt your dress than Trash it.

I’ve had this shoot planned for months. I am so lucky I got so many on board. It turned out to be quite an afternoon (not that I expected anything less). Coffee, biscuits… even tables, wheel barrows, books and cupcakes came for the arvo.
Team effort. We had Marie-Louise: Fabulous & talented dress maker.
Lauren Lincoln: Hair, make up and cupcake provider.
Bernadette Richardson: Hollywood’s next Audrey Hepburn, Model and all round super star.
Roslen Langton: Wheel Barrow carrier and cheer leader! (love you Roz).

This is part 1 of yesterday’s shoot. And Little Hagley was our desination of choice to start off with. There is a busy stretch of road that Little Hagley sits besides. I have driven along this road admiring its beauty as each season changed. I vowed and declared season after season that I would do a shoot there one day!
The day came.. Yayyyyyy!

As Bernadette jumped out of the car (on this busy stretch of road) she looked like Cinderella arriving for the ball. All that was missing was her white carriage.
You could say she got a few wolf whistles and stares. Haha I know I’d stare if I saw a random young lady sitting in a field of flowers in a wedding dress on a Thursday afternoon.

Bernadette you are my perfect model. And it goes without saying that you are gorgeous. I captured you drinking out of a camping mug, eating biscuits, jumping and I enticed a bunch of strange expressions out of you.. and you still manage to look graceful! Teach me!

I am so pleased with our results, we had such a fun fun FUN day! Thank you to all that helped with my vision. Couldn’t do it without you!

Part 2 soon!

H xxx