Printing your photos

How are you preserving your family memories?

Friday Thoughts – I’ve been pondering a lot lately about the generation where there will be a gap in family printed photos.

The photos are being taken… phones and computers are filling up with many many memories every single day, because it’s soooo easy to take a photo. But the hard part is… getting them printed. There are always options out there… but it’s just taking the time to select the photos you want printed and then actually getting it printed.


Wasn’t it easier just getting the film printed and hoping 5 turned out okay from a 24 roll film. lol. Isn’t there always a battle one way or another lol.
But the fact of the matter is, for a large amount of families across the globe who have access to todays technology… the only accessible photos for the next generation to come, will be through a digital device. And even then, will your children, your grandchildren know how and where to access them? …
I can only hope so.

If I fail to do the housework, ignore the pile of stuff that needs to be sorted in the corner, procrastinate folding the washing for a day… I am at least proud of myself that I’m creating books of memories for my kids to look at in years to come. My only task right now, is to prevent them from drawing on them! lol

The year of 2017 is in the works… a page here, a page there. A memory here, a memory there forever! …

My only hope for you today, is to have a think about how you can preserve your memories… in a way that will work for you on a consistent basis. Find your way! I believe in you!! … Do it for your kids!!

P.s For those who are already doing this… I would LOVE for you to share in the comments what you do in regards to preserving your memories in print!

Mwah xx -Heather

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