Personal: Best Friend

Now that I’m back to my Mac Book Pro, I’m going to be blogging like crazy!

Just a quick one now compared to my novels about our trip! I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t get through it all!

Anyway, ok, so I know I’ve probably said it a million times. But who wouldn’t be excited to keep announcing the fact they are marrying their best friend!
Yes I, Heather Michelle Ellis will marry Douglas Martin Richardson April 2011.

And heres the gorgeous ring to prove it!

Please feel free to put a comment, I’d love to know the people visiting my sight.

Engagement party this weekend, moving house Monday and we’ve just be given some very questionable 70’s style brown flowery cooking pots that when I saw them it gave my stomach a good ab workout from laughing so hard. But beggars can’t be choosers! We will take them! lol. Thanks heaps future Mother in-law!

Heather xxx