Personal: Quake of Christchurch

So as most people who are up with the news, here and around the world will know. And everyone is Christchurch is trying to get through. Christchurch had a 7.1 Earthquake on Saturday morning at 4.35am.

3 full days have passed since our worlds were rocked. Chimneys around Christchurch fell in consecutive form. The CBD has been on lock down, fires broke out and oldest and dearest of buildings have come crumbling down.

The heritage of Christchurch has a broken wing!

Looters bought in disgrace by taking advantage of evacuated shops and houses. But on a plus, the solidarity of the city has come together as one and is putting this city back together is rapid form, all considering.
Although I have sort of replaced ‘I heart Christchurch’ with ‘I hate Christchurch’ right now as the aftershocks continue in full force, even creeping back up the Richter scale to 5.4 in the darkness of night. I am still proud to be a Cantabrian!
It is an unnerving experience of which we realise just how little control we have!
If my heart is racing a million miles an hour every time the floor shakes, how are the children and the elderly around town? I know us 20 something year olds are really and truly and forgive my wording.. crapping ourselves!!!

So over this few days, I’ve had a couple of people say to me “I can’t wait to see your pictures, you must have some really good ones!”… Do you know what my response was?!
“Nope, Haven’t taken any”.
So this either makes me 1 of 3 things.

1. A really bad photographer
2. A really bad photo journalist (perhaps)
3. Just a girl in the middle a small natural disaster who would rather be near to family! (Which was the only option for me!)

Buttttttt with the situation somewhat leveling out. I dug and I dug into the deepest darkest of my draws and dusted off a thick coating of dust(not from the quake, but from not being used) and took my pocket Panasonic Lumix Camera for a run to capture not even a fraction of the damage. Just in my area alone.

This is one fraction of the roof that is damaged at my in-laws to be.

When Mark’s not blogging, he is being manly! Check out:

And us girls made the most of a beautiful day and read books in the sunshine!

And to end with a little bit of irony. My father in-law to be painted all these paintings. The tilted one is of their actual house, and this is the only painting that shifted. Ewwww spooky!

I hope everyone is keeping safe through this shaky time! My heart goes out to all who have lost their homes.

Thank you Christchurch for coming together, Heart & Soul! xxx