Magic on the Road

What a weekend. What. a. week. end.

Now where to start..I managed to get my images in the right order, now lets get my words into the right order. Because right now I’m in one of those surreal, heart thumping, overwhelming, happy states.

Lets start from the start.

Heather & Doug (that’s us) got a new car. An Opel Astra 2005 (most importantly, Black with a hint of purple). And we needed to stretch her legs. The same week we got her, we were invited to the Wedding of Kimberely Cheyne to Liam Hutton. You might remember this fabulous couple from our engagement session (and this one too) in November 2010. The wedding took place in Gore, Kim’s home town… we didn’t have to think twice about going.

And since we were heading South, always a perfect oppurtunity to drop in on Queenstown not just for its beauty (and Fergburger), but to see our aweeeeesome Canadian friend, Julie.

Road Trip South Island NZ

Meet Noomey! Short for Numpoomellelo. Oh theres a story behind it… hehe, but I’m going to keep that within the family!

Sunflower fields Oamaru

Ok, just imagine for a sec… you are driving down the road at 100km… sadly your eyes are getting a little heavy because of the 2 hours sleep you got the night before, the music isn’t alerting you, but you persevere. Something needs to convince you to pull over! … You don’t need to pee, an ice cream might stop you, but perhaps its too early in the morning. .. so what stops you in your tracks to wake you up, put a fire in your heart and a big gigantic smile on your face?….  A FIELD OF SUN FLOWERS 6 FEET HIGH!

Sunflower fields Oamaru

I felt like a giddy 5 year old at Disneyland… except there are no lines and the sunflowers aren’t going to make you throw up.

Sunflower fields Oamaru

It was our 6 year anniversary, oh what a way to start it! A very happy Heather over here!

Sunflower fields Oamaru

Do I blend in well?

Sunflower fields Oamaru

Sunflower fields Oamaru

Note: Gollum has taken to photography!

Sunflower fields Oamaru

It honestly felt like a piece of Tuscany right here in our own land!

Sunflower fields Oamaru

Doug and I attended Kim and Liam’s ceremony and went off to a random Gore paddock to set up a picnic and toast our 6 years together, our very eventful 6 years. Oh we’ve done so much, and I have never been happier than I have in these last 6 years. I’ve really found myself, I’ve had nothing but support when I’ve wanted to do things. I wanted to go travelling, and we did. I wanted to start a photography business and I have. I wanted to get married… Ok he made me wait for that one, but only because he is a man of epic proportions and he had to do it right!

toasting 6 year anniversary

I like to think we make a pretty darn good team.

jumping for joy, gore anniversary

Can we pause for a moment just to note how freaking beautiful Kim looks!!!
A massive Congratulations Kim and Liam. Thank you so much for inviting us, it was such a pleasure to be apart of your amazing day. The speeches had us one blink away from crying. You’re an amazing couple surrounded by a wonderful family and friends, not too mention the talent you both horde. (You should have seen these two fire crackers on the dance floor…WOW WEEEE!). But seriously guys, a million heartfelt thank you’s for just being you! Congratualations! xxx

Liam and Kim's beautiful Gore wedding

new zealand's simple beauty

Next we moved onto Queenstown… slowly discovering more and more of Queenstown and it never disappoints!

new zealand's simple beauty

Queenstown overview

Meet my friend Julie, she likes Mustaches (note her T-shirt), she doesn’t like shoes (note her feet), she loves travelling (she’s Canadian living in our beautiful country and we met travelling across South America in 2008). She’s pretty much the bee’s knees and I love having her so close to home. And the minute she gets back to Canada.. Doug and I are sleeping on her floor! (That’s right Jules!).

Queenstown and good friends

Trampoline, coloured in

Julie and her flatmates got a trampoline just before Christmas…they painted it, popped a couple of foot prints in the centre of the mat.. pretty much made it their own. I loveeeee Tampoline’s. I taught myself when I was really young (9,10ish) to do back flips. I had a friend who could do many in a row.. I was always jealous. Mum has a trampoline, but I reckon I’d break my neck trying to do more than one. Although it’s nothing compared to what some people can do, I was super proud to achieve 5 back flips in a row. You can see the video here on You Tube. :-)

Irish creek house, south island

What can I say… we’re jumpers!

Lake Tekapo and his dog

Lake Tekapo is so beautiful. One of my good friend’s sister in-law is getting married there, at that quaint little church on the lake front next month. How awesome is that?!

Beautiful Lake Tekapo

Doug, I love you always!

So that’s it from us. An epic weekend of sunflowers, weddings, friends, sunshine and love. My heart is filled to the brim with love. I feel like the luckiest person alive right now! What a start to the new year!

Big mooshy love from this happy photographer right here!
Love Heather xxx