Personal: 24 Hours in Queenstown

I had 2 days off work, so Amy and I took a roadtrip and had 24 hours in Queenstown to see my Canadian friend Julie.
Queenstown is amazing. Fergburger, Patagonia, The Earnslaw, Minus 5 Bar, Nevis Bungy Jump, The Mountains, the beauty and the fact that there are barely in kiwis there… Everyone I spoke with was either Canadian, Irish, American or Australian (well that last one was because Amy is Aussie).
I reccommend the Sweet Julie Fergburger and I was even able to bring Doug back one as they supply ‘Long Haul’ bags. FABULOUS!

Can’t wait to go again!

Thanks for a great time Jules & Amy.

And we come to the wonder that is FERGBURGER!

This was Amy’s first Ferg. Look at her face… that right there depicts love!

Love Heather x