Photo and Video International Competition Winner

Recently Photo and Video International in Christchurch ran a competition over Facebook and their website, called “The best day of my life” competition. Looking through some of the entries and the stories of the entrants’ best day of their life’. Mum’s giving birth, couples engagements in exotic places, travels. How do you choose who’s would be the best day?
I have been lucky enough to have had soooooo many ‘best’ days of my life so far. With all the countries that Doug and I have experienced, the people we’ve met, our engagement at the Taj Mahal. I chose an image I took while trekking in Nepal that was not only one of the most magical days of my life so far, but is my all time favourite image I think I’ve ever taken. I have this image on my desktop computer wallpaper, my phone wallpaper and framed in our bedroom.

This is my story for my winning image:

This was our 8th day of the Trek to Base Camp of Everest trip in Nepal in February this year. It snowed through the night in Dingboche and at 7am we woke to this amazingly beautiful winter wonderland. This was our 2nd acclimatisation day. Because it snowed, from this day forth it completely changed the landscape from mud and rock to something out of a fairytale for the rest of the trek. It is my absolute favourite photo and favourite day in Nepal, topping seeing Everest at dawn.
Canon 50D, 11-17mm Tokina Fisheye Lens.

I am so humbled and overwhelmed that out of all the amazingggggg entries, MY image came out on top…mine! The recognition that other people can see my love and passion not just for photography but for travel blows me away. I am sincerley grateful to Photo and Video International for choosing me as their 1st prize winner  (which got me a pretty snazzy new printer) but to all the help they give to everyone who walks through their doors. Its a pleasure every time!

What I also think is neat is, Photo and Video sold me the fisheye lens that I took this image with.

See you soon P and V International.

Love Heather xxx