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Wedding photos alone are nothing without a wedding album in which to display them.

Sure, you can have your photographs provided in a purely digital format but there’s nothing like being able to handle, touch and feel your photos in a beautifully crafted and well-presented wedding album that really shows off your wedding pictures and can be passed down through the generations.

I for one am definitely a huge supporter of a good wedding album. You really need something that you can bring out when friends and family come round to visit. Something that people will instantly recognise for its quality and that gives your photos the home that they deserve.

That’s why I strongly recommend that your wedding photos are presented to you in a proper wedding album, and there’s one wedding album that stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

Queensberry Sample Album

Queensberry Wedding Albums

Queensberry wedding albums are well known to any professional wedding photography with a true passion for style and creativity. Just like there’s no point getting dressed to the nines and then jumping in an old Honda Civic to head to your wedding, there’s equally no point presenting your beautiful and captivating wedding photographs in a ten dollar wedding album from Whitcoulls!

In Queensberry’s own words:

“We approach every special event in a family’s history as an expression of love, connection, continuity and pride, and we have been working with world-class photographers to make those events unforgettable for over 40 years.

Each Queensberry album tells a unique story. We call this story-tailoring: giving shape to your special moments in the same way a couture house tailors clothes.”

You can see more photos and a full example of an album I have made for a couple that I have carried out wedding photography for by taking a look at this Queensberry Album.

As a wedding photographer that cares about how your photographs are protected and presented, say the word and I can put an Queensberry album together than you will love and cherish and that your family and friends will be jealous of for years to come!

To enquire about a Queensberry wedding album for your wedding photos, contact me today.