Weddings: Kim & Tony

On November 20 2010, I drove to Dunedin and joined Jenna Young of Jenna Young Photography and Design, friend of many years in shooting a rainy day wedding.

Kim and Tony are now happily married and honeymooning in tropical Fiji. They may never come back as it sounds far too nice over there.

The day started with that horrible drizzle, that deemed stubborn enough to stick around. Kim was getting ready at her Mum, Ann’s home with her 2 lovely bridesmaids-Sarah and Paula. A very nervous Kim gracefully entered her ride, a black 1960’s Chevrolet. And headed to where her future husband awaited her at the Mecure Hotel.

Bridal shoes from Kim and Tony's Wedding

Paula was a beautiful bridesmaid and she was riddled with looks that spoke nothing but happiness for her friend.

Last minute bouquet, as the original was damaged.

I couldn’t tell you who Tony was speaking with. But I know a lot of his family could not make it. A video was made as Tony’s parent weren’t fit to fly.

Tony looking on his awesomeeee future step son Zane, as Zane struts his stuff! More awesomeness from Zane ahead!

I reckon Tony’s heart must have been pounding out of his chest. He was so elated to see his bride.

The beautiful function room in the Mecure Hotel in Dunedin.

Newly married

Paula and Sarah made lovely, supportive bridesmaids. Their floor length dresses looked stunning on them.

TJ and Zane made the grooms party.

I captured the bridal party here at The Chinese Gardens, and Jenna took care of the Bride & Groom.

TJ with his Kim. Such a cute couple! Next down the aisle perhaps? ;-)

Oh I loveeeeeee the interior of Dunedin’s Railway station. And how cool are these guys!?!

See! Zane boasts awesomeness!

Look how much they adore one another! You can tell instantly that they have some good laughs!

Check out Kim’s gorgeous (Princess Diana resembling) bling. And by quoting Kim “I’m not subtle, am i?”

This image gives me a mental hug. The gentle tenderness from Tony just blows me away!

Zane is just the coolest kid. I think we took a fondness to each other. He asked for this photo. And what a fantastic photographer I am. Let me tell you now..unless you have spaghetti arms(like Doug), 50mm isn’t the best lens for a self portrait like this. Although I think I really like this photo BECAUSE I’m out of focus! ;-)

And last but not least, I have a campaign idea – “Photography keeps Frend stain remover in business!”. YIP, that’s right… jumpy me, got a wee bit too jumpy and excited, and since the rain did subside, that doesn’t mean Dunedin suddenly had an African heat wave and bone dried the soil. I fell.. in the mud.. infront of the Bride & Groom! Go me!

Jenna, thank you for allowing me to tag along. It was not only great to see you after all these years, but awesome working with you! Much Love

And Kim & Tony, continue to enjoy your honeymoon. You make a wonderful couple with so much warmth and energy. Enjoy wedded bliss!

Love Heather